Nutritional Deficiencies


The good thing about nutritional deficiencies is that they are usually avoidable and correctable. When a turtle has nutrional problems it is extremely vulnerable to a variety of parasites and diseases. This is because when they are not receiving the nutrients that they require their immune system is not very effective at fighting off disease.

Turtles require a good variety of food to receive all the nutrients and vitamins that they require. Most turtles have one or two foods that they should eat the most of but it is important not to leave the others out of their diet as nutritional deficiencies are likely to result.

If left untreated nutritional deficiencies can cause a great deal of harm to your turtle. Nutritional deficiencies are commonly associated with vitamin deficiencies. Every turtle species is different in the sense of what types of foods they require. Visit our turtle care sheets to learn more about the proper feeding techniques for your species of turtle.

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