Flukes are small worm-like parasites. Although they are considered parasites, they usually do not cause a great deal of harm to healthy animals.

Although flukes are generally not dangerous by themselves to your turtle they can carry diseases. Once the flukes are on your turtle they can pass these diseases on to your turtle.

The number one way to rid your turtle of flukes is to bathe it in salt water. Beware that not all types of turtles and tortoises can be soaked with salt water. If your turtle lives in an aquatic or semi-aquatic environment you can add a small amount of salt to the water in their habitat. Over the course of a few days this should kill the flukes. You will also want to disinfect the habitat to ensure that no flukes remain.

If you have a turtle or tortoise that cannot tolerate soaking in water you can try keeping it and the enclosure completely dry. It may take a bit longer but this should also rid your turtle of the flukes as they flukes dry out.

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