Egg Binding


Egg binding actually occurs quite frequently in turtles and it can have fatal effects. Egg binding occurs when the female has eggs that she is ready to lay in her body but does not actually release them.

One of the primary causes of egg binding is that the female turtle is actually unable to lay her eggs. This can occur if for some reason she has developed oversized eggs. In this case the eggs can be too large to pass through her pelvic bone. Occasionally a female turtle will have sustained an injury to her pelvic bone. In these cases even an egg of normal size may be too large to pass through the opening.

If the conditions inside the turtles enclosure are not correct for laying eggs the turtle may decide not to lay them at all. These conditions can include not only temperature and humidity but can also be affected by the substrate. If the substrate in use is not suitable for creating a nest it is likely that the female will hold onto the eggs until they find a suitable area.

If the turtles has recently sustained an injury or is currently experiencing the effects of an infection or disease they may be under a hightened level of stress. During these times it is also likely that the female will not lay her eggs.

Regardless of the reason, egg binding is a very dangerous condition that is most often fatal if not taken care of immediately. If you suspect that the reason for the female keeping her eggs is conditions inside the habitat it is suggested that you take actions to cure the situation as soon as possible. If there are health issues affecting the turtle you should take your turtle to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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