Star Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: The Star Tortoise is one of only a few tortoises in which the female is significantly larger than the male.
Scientific Name: Geochelone Elegans
Lifespan: 60 to 80 years with proper care
Average Size: 12 inches
Origin: India


These tortoises will thrive when kept outdoors because this will allow them to graze and forage for their own food. Even if you keep them inside it still is a good idea to take them outdoors for a period of time to allow them to eat.

If you do keep them indoors feed your Star Tortoise carrots, collards and turnip. Fruits can also be used but they must be fed sparingly.



Humidity: Ensure that the habitat of your Star Tortoise is not damp or humid since these tortoises live in dry conditions in the wild.
Size: If your Star Tortoise is kept inside it will need plenty of room because they are known to enjoy grazing.
Substrate: In general these tortoises do not burrow into the ground so the material used as a substrate is not particularly important.
Temperature: In the wild these tortoises do not hibernate so be sure that during the winter months the temperature is warm enough that they are not tempted to do so.
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