Spider Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: The pattern which is on a Spider Tortoises shell looks similar to the pattern of a spider web which is where they get their name from.
Scientific Name: Pyxis arachnoides
Lifespan: 30 to 50 years
Average Size: 8 inches
Origin: Madagascar


Spider Tortoises do not eat meat. They can be fed all sorts of vegetables and fruits. These tortoises tend to get bored with their food quickly so it is always a good idea to provide them with a wide variety. Make sure whatever fruits or hard vegetables you feed them are chopped up into small pieces first so they do not have any difficulty eating them.

Spider Tortoises will drink from a water dish so make sure they have a supply of fresh, clean water at all times.



Humidity: A humidity level of 75% is perfect for Spider Tortoises.
Size: Spider Tortoises are relatively small as far as tortoises go which means they do not need as large an area as many other species.
Substrate: Bark chips or similar material will work well for the substrate of their enclosure.
Temperature: In comparison to other species of tortoises the Spider Tortoise likes a large temperature gradient. 65 degrees F on the cool end all the way up to 85 degrees F on the warm end will work well.
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