Russian Tortoise Care Sheet

Scientific Name: Testudo horsfieldii
Lifespan: Anywhere up to 100 years
Average Size: 8 to 12 inches
Origin: Western Asia


A combination of flowers and leaves should make up the majority of your Russian Tortoises diet. Dandelions are certainly one of their favourite foods.

Although Russian Tortoises can get most of their water from their foods, they will require a water dish which will allow them to drink more water if need be.



Humidity: Russian Tortoises need a medium level of humidity in order to avoid dehydration. An appropriate humidity level is somehwere between 50% and 65%.
Lighting: You will need a UVA/UVB light source for your tortoise to get the needed vitamins.
Size: A 50 gallon aquarium or container should be considered a minimum size for housing a single Russian Tortoise.
Substrate: Use substrate that will not dry out too fast and become dusty under the basking light. Mist the substrate as it becomes dry but be sure to not saturate it.
Temperature: The basking spot that you provide your Russian Tortoise with should be as hot as 90 degrees F. The cool end of the habitat should be around 75 degrees F, that way you can provide your tortoise with a wide gradient so they can make themselves comfortable.
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