Radiated Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: The Radiated Tortoise has a much higher dome on their carapace than any other tortoise.
Scientific Name: Geochelone radiata
Lifespan: 60 to 80 years
Average Size: 16 inches in length
Origin: Madagascar


Approximately 80% of a Radiated Tortoises diet should be made up of grasses and weeds. This can be done by allowing it long periods of grazing time in your yard. The remaining portion of their diet should consist of fruits in addition to cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes.


Humidity: A humidity level of between 40% and 50% will work well for Radiated Tortoises.
Lighting: Radiated Tortoises will require between 12 and 14 hours per day of UVB lighting.
Physical Design: Radiated Tortoises have no particular requirements for the layout of their enclosure. Housing them outside in your yard is the best idea by far for them. If you decide to house them outside besure that you make their area escape proof and protect the tortoise from predators.
Size: You usually do not have to worry about space when housing your tortoise outside in your yard. However if you are housing them indoors be sure to provide a single Radiated Tortoise with at least 5 square meters for their habitat.
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