African Spurred Tortoise Care Sheet

Description: African Spurred Tortoises are known for digging very large and elaborate burrows. They are so good at burrowing that typically other animals inhabit the burrow with them.
Scientific Name: Geochelone sulcata
Lifespan: 80 to 100 years
Average Size: 25 to 30 inches
Origin: Southern Africa


Hand picked grass and weeds should make up the bulk of your African Spurred Tortoises diet.

You will not need to provide your African Spurred Tortoise with a water dish because it gets its necessary water intake from its food.

If you are keeping your tortoise inside it is suggested that you add a multivitamin supplement as well as a calcium supplement to their food. Even if they are kept outside a calcium supplement is highly recommended.



Lighting: UVB light is needed to ensure the proper development of your tortoises shell.
Substrate: Since these tortoises are used to burrowing in the ground while in the wild you will want to provide them with a substrate in which they can do the same. Sand will work well to accomplish this.
Temperature: The low end of your African Spurred Tortoises temperature gradient should be at about 75 degrees F. The warm end of the gradient should reach 85 degrees F. These tortoises will also need a basking area that is slightly warmer as they enjoy to bask in the sunlight while in the wild.
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